Tina Pokuaah 2022

Teach Me How To Be Happy

As we go through this journey called life we learn through education and experience. Evidently our relationships are no different. Through the in-depth conversations held with hundreds of survivors and perpetrators of abuse, a common theme which often came up was their lack of understanding on what constitutes a healthy relationship.


Most openly admitted to have never been taught nor witnessed what a healthy relationship looked like whilst growing up. As a result many have found themselves going from one relationship to the next which mirrored the same toxic traits and patterns.

“Teach me how to be happy” is a raw and enlightening journal which seeks to be an empowering resource; preventing the continuous manifestation of unhealthy relationships. Packed with practical techniques and encouraging affirmations;readers will be able to better identify, challenge and heal from unhealthy relationships.

You deserve better, you CAN do better and you WILL do better!


I wish I had read this as a teen, would have saved me a lot of heartbreak

The subject of domestic abuse is heavy,but it was structured in a way, that made it light hearted but powerful at the same time. It is a journal that made me channel my emotions, my happiness back to me. Whilst I was not responsible for the abuse I experienced, I was responsible for my happiness. I just needed to be intentional about it. Also I never placed the importance of self care and relationships together. However, when you relate it together you understand, that absolutely know one should have the power to bring you out of a state of peace of mind, self love, gratitude for life which is the principles of self care